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Ashok Chapagai
I know a few things about computers.
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TryHackMe is an online platform for learning cyber security and penetration testing through hands-on exercises and labs designed to teach practical skills.

I have been on the platform for more than a year now and I really like each and every aspect of the platform including it’s functionality and the main concept of it. In order to dive into the field of security, both as a newbie or as an expert who is looking to test their skill , TryHackMe is undoubtedly one of the best platform out there.

What is Pre Security Learning Path or Learning Path in General.

Learning Path in their own word,

So, suppose you want to redirect your site hosted on to and you don’t want to pay for the hosting server or use any other third party application.

Then our beloved Netlify provides an awesome feature of creating redirects easily.

All you need to do is, create a _redirect file in the public folder.

Now, we need to edit the file in following format,

# The Comments Can be done by using # at the beginning.
# We will suppose our main domain is and we have to redirect to Example(s):/blog…

Random Cover Pic

While running ads on Facebook Page post, there is an option to receive messages with the message button embed. When someone clicked, it would greet the user with something like this,

Well, I got my second bounty within a relatively short span of time.
The issue was reproduced with ease and had impact on user’s privacy. I hope this write-up inspires people not to overlook small issues while scrolling aimlessly through Facebook and also while testing it.

So this started when I was on a small business trip to my hometown with my friend and brother Avishek. He had a good phone and we took a few photos from his phone which he sent me via messenger.

I was using Facebook Lite and one of my friend asked me for the…

I am a complete newbie who has been getting familiar with the concept of bug hunting and penetration testing for just over a couple of month.

The working mechanism of digital technologies always fascinated me. I wanted to explore more about that. I immediately set my foot into this penetration testing field after my final year’s engineering exams.

As I was just learning the basics and side by side I and my sister use to manage a small page with around 100k likes.
We used to use Pages Manager and Lite for managing the page.
After the update v185.0 the application…

NepHack is an annual Jeopardy-style Capture the Flag (CTF) competition with a set of tasks/challenges that reveal clues that guide the participant in solving various kind of technical challenges.

I decided to join NepHack 3.0 as I was very new to the cyber-security community and wanted to make some friends.
The competition started in 25th January 2020 at 10 am GMT+545 and ended on 26th January at 5.
Here is the brief walkthrough to the challenges and their solutions that were presented in NepHack 3.0.

P.s I am a complete beginner thus my methodologies might differ completely from the experts…

Ashok Chapagai

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