Here is the Non Technical write-up on Technical Bug for My Second Bounty of $xxxx From Facebook

Well, I got my second bounty within a relatively short span of time.
The issue was reproduced with ease and had impact on user’s privacy. I hope this write-up inspires people not to overlook small issues while scrolling aimlessly through Facebook and also while testing it.

So this started when I was on a small business trip to my hometown with my friend and brother Avishek. He had a good phone and we took a few photos from his phone which he sent me via messenger.

I was using Facebook Lite and one of my friend asked me for the pictures of our trip. I went to Avishek’s messages and clicked on one of the picture of suspension bridge.

But I was staggered and embarrassed when all the photos from that message were forwarded to my friend.

We had a good share of laugh, but deep inside I was having evil laugh as I was excited that I had found a security issue on Facebook again!

I reported it to the Facebook Security Team immediately.

They managed to reproduce and fixed the issue.

And on 16th April, they replied me with this message,

With this write-up, I want to clarify that, I wrote this this not to brag about how much I earned or show how cooler I am. I just wanted to share my happiness with other people and I really hope that this write-up helps people in finding issues on Facebook or any other platform that has bug bounty program.

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Thank you again for reading and Happy Hunting. :)

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