Using Redirection feature on Netlify — The right way!

So, suppose you want to redirect your site hosted on to and you don’t want to pay for the hosting server or use any other third party application.

Then our beloved Netlify provides an awesome feature of creating redirects easily.

All you need to do is, create a _redirect file in the public folder.

Now, we need to edit the file in following format,

The first part ( /blog ) comes after the main domain ( ) and we ought to redirect it to ( ) as mentioned in second part.

The third part has two sections, 200 and ! , first part is the status code we want to use in that redirect ( 301 by default ), and second part ( ! ) if used, will let us to override any existing content in the path or not; which is falseby default.

Now I like using this feature to redirect visitors to my social links as,

So, whenever someone visits/clicks on link, they shall be redirect to the URL mentioned above.

You can find more about redirects in Netlify by Clicking Here,

I hope you liked it.

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